Welcome at Balmoral

When I was a child, my father had German Shepherds. So I was already used to live with dogs in a very young age. My father taught me to love the animals and to respect them. My first contact to a yorkie was in 1974. Their appearance, their temperament - I fell in love with that beautiful little dogs immediately - and they are my great love to date. Already in the same year the first Yorkshire Terrier came into our house, followed by a second Yorkie in 1980. Half a year later we got number three. From the beginning our yorkies have always been real members of our family. At hat time I had nothing to do in my mind with dogshows.


It was in 1988, when I saw "Bloomsbury American Fighter". The prerequisite for getting this young male was, to bring him to dogshows. The breeder, Jürgen Grünn, originally wanted to keep his offspring "Prinzi" and to use him for breeding and as a show-dog. The first time I went to the shows very reluctant - this was definitely another world for me. "Prinzi" and I became acquainted with the ups and downs of that events in all conceivable variations.


Some years later I decided to have a small breeding. My prefix "Balmoral" was registered with the Kennel Club. I started breeding with the "Bloomsbury"-bloodline. With the first litter I was very happy and kept "Balmoral Broadway-Doll". She was incredible successful at the dog shows - among other titles she became World-Junior-Winner and International Champion.


1994 we were delighted, when my beloved "Ozmilion Kisses Forever", named Tiger, came into our house. Since than I breed with true Ozmilion- and Bloomsbury-bloodlines, but only in a very small scale. Most important for me are Health, Quality, Type and Temperament of my Yorkies. On the following sites I show you some Balmoral-Highlights. Enjoy it!